Monday, January 1, 2018

Arwen Makes Gifts for Her Parents for Christmas

I was a guiding voice, but not a guiding hand: she did everything by herself, even the wrapping.

Now that the gifts have been given, I can post these:


Plans and Goals for 2018

1. Pay off the house.  (Almost there!)
2. Organize everything!  Papers, basement storage, art studio--everything!
3. Get my weight back down to where it was when I started my new job.  It's either that or a whole new wardrobe and ya'll know I'm WAY too cheap for that!
4. Pull my spiritual life back from the margins and put it front and center where it belongs.

Spend time in New York with Aunt Monica... go to my brother's wedding in NJ.....take an improv some volunteering...make more art....spend time with those I love...

Oh, and check out my Christmas presents in greater depth:

Happy New Year!

May 2018 be filled with wonderful blessings for you!

Thursday, December 28, 2017


I'm going to be picking up whatever didn't sell at Gianna's on Saturday.

Here's one of my favorites from this past year:

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Christmas Cards....

.... have been mailed!

I feel a deep sense of satisfaction.  It's not even New Years yet.

Now to do the emailed ones......

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Garden Totals for 2017

I harvested some kohlrabi yesterday, and even though there are three or four neglected kohlrabi plants out there, I'm calling it a season.

Total pounds from our garden = 260!

Wow.  I'm kinda stunned, actually.  My goal was to top 150 pounds.

The two most generous garden givers (both of which we are still eating from the freezer) were zucchini (64 pounds from two plants) and tomatoes (105 pounds from six plants).

As usual, I did a lousy job of keeping track of expenses.  We purchased seeds, and I think Belovedest bought potting soil for starting seeds, which drives me nuts as, hello, it's dirt.  I have "$45.32" written on the Garden 2017 planning page, but I don't know what all that entails.

Suffice to say that we ate a lot healthier than than we would have otherwise, we had fun, we got outside, and it was totally worth it, for us anyway.